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A Boutique BI Consultancy Firm

Data Bear specialises in empowering organisations to become more Data Savvy through the provision of modern analytics solutions. Our companies’ client centric approach is what sets us apart. With an understanding that no two business are identical, our friendly team of experienced BI consultants and trainers remain client focused and work towards ensuring that your unique needs are understood. Our decade of experience in the BI industry is reflected in our ability to provide simply, yet efficient solutions to the growing demand for smarter insights.

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We love DATA, it is full of hidden surprises and it eliminates guessing


We love VISUALIZATION, it lets you detect the expected and discover the unexpected.

The Data Bear Difference

Data Bear’s approach is based on the belief that meaningful and sustainable results can only be achieved when there is a clear understanding of the problem. After we have worked with you to identify the root cause of the problem, our focus moves to the development of an actionable project plan, including the detailed mapping of timelines, tasks and milestones. Project tracking brings added value to the process by quickly identifying and resolving roadblocks, as well as ensuring that your project is successfully completed on time and on budget.

At Data Bear, our entire consulting approach is grounded in successful project resolution and Customer satisfaction as our primary goal. Our consultants serve as authentic partners, passionate about understanding the right problems, and providing innovative solutions that bring sustainable and valuable results to our Customers.


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Data Architect

Develops data architecture to effectively capture, integrate, organize, centralize and maintain data. Core responsibilities include:

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Data Engineer

Develop, test and maintain data architectures to keep data accessible and ready for analysis.

Key tasks are:

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Data Analyst

Processes and interprets data to get actionable insights for a company. Responsinilities include:

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Data Scientist

Data analysis once data volume and velocity reaches a level requiring sphisticated technical skills. Core tasks are:

The Right Team.
The Right Tools.
The Right Solution.

Bring your data to life 
– Using new Microsoft BI technologies, we can access data from any source (Databases, Web, Cloud, Files), and build Power BI solutions that produce results.



View your personalized dashboards and reports anywhere.

Always be in the know and enjoy the experience
Our Solutions transform your data into rich interactive visuals that you can organize any way you want.

Ad Hoc reports

Ad-hoc Reports

Our intuitive solutions allow you to quickly and easily customize reports.

Build your own dashboard in seconds. Did you know building your own visualizations could be so easy?


Mobile Solutions

No matter what screen size or device, rest assured your content will look amazing.

Design once, view anywhere

Keep your finger on your data's pulse. Spot trends as they happen - any data, anywhere any time.

We Are Based in the UK and Help Clients Worldwide.


Discuss your specific needs, and explore how we can help you become more ‘Data Savvy’.

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