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Llewellyn is a Data Bear Consultant with over 10 years experience in Business Consulting / Analysis and Business Intelligence Application Development. His service offering is one that builds on the client's needs, from revising business processes all the way through to the development of applications that will support the organisation's operations and decision making requirements.

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Power BI Desktop Update – December 2017

My Spidey Senses are tingling…. Oh yes, it is that time again……..this time brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Spiderman – after all, he gives his stamp of approval on this month’s Power BI Desktop Update……they are going to make your spidey senses tingle!! So what have Power BI brought us, let’s take a

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Power BI Desktop Parameters and Templates

Good day everyone and welcome to the latest Power BI adventure, this time featuring the mystical world of Power BI Desktop Query Parameters and Templates. Today we will firstly look at what a parameter is, why it is used, how it is used and finally how we would go about creating these marvelous things called

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