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Button Slicer Level Up Your Power BI Reports!

Shortcuts in Power BI

Welcome to our blog we explore – the button slicer. Ditch the dull lists and say hello to interactive buttons that dance with your data, transforming your reports into captivating stories. This is your guide to mastering the button slicer, from its superpowers to crafting custom masterpieces.

the button slicer

Step 1: Set Up the Button slicer

Before we unleash the button slicer’s fury, ensure you’re equipped:

  • Power BI Desktop: You’ll need the latest version to access this cutting-edge tool.
  • Preview Features: Head to File > Options > Preview features and tick the box next to “New card visual.” This unlocks the button slicer treasure chest!

New Card Visual

Step 2: Design the Button Slicer!

It’s time to bring your slicer to life:

  1. Drag and Drop: In the Visualization pane, locate the “New slicer” visual and drag it onto your report canvas. This is your blank canvas – ready for transformation!

New Slicer Icon

2. Field Selection: Right-click the slicer and choose “Format.” In the “Values” section, pick the data field you want to slice by (e.g., product categories, regions, employee roles).

Format the button slicer


Step 3: Button Slicer Makeover!

Let’s unleash your inner designer:

  • Shape Symphony: Click on “Size & Style” and explore the shape options. Ditch the rectangle! Go for rounded rectangles, ellipses, or even custom shapes to match your report’s theme.

Button Slicer Makeover!

  • Color Explosion: Unleash your inner artist! Play with button colors, borders, and gradients in the “Colors” section. Create visual hierarchies with subtle shades or make buttons pop with vibrant hues.
  • Image Magic: Don’t just tell, show! In the “Call out values” section, click “Add data field” and choose an image URL field from your data model. Imagine product photos on an e-commerce report or country flags on a global sales dashboard – the possibilities are endless!

Image button slicer

Step 4: Conditional Button Slicer:

Let your buttons adapt! Use conditional formatting to dynamically adjust their appearance based on data values:

  • Highlight Leaders: Set a rule to change a button’s color to gold when its data value surpasses a certain threshold. Watch top performers shine!
  • Dim Underperformers: Conversely, fade buttons for categories with low values. This draws attention to areas needing improvement.
  • Hover Hint: Want subtle feedback? Set the image saturation to decrease on hover, creating a dimming effect that highlights the selected button.
Masterclass Tips!
  • Drill-down Magic: Link buttons to other pages in your report, creating interactive drill-down experiences that take users deeper into your data.
  • Storytelling Superpowers: Combine button slicers with other visuals like maps and charts to weave captivating narratives that guide your audience through insights.

Remember, Power BI warriors, the button slicer is not just a tool; it’s a canvas for your creativity. Experiment, explore, and unleash your data storytelling magic!

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