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Buttons in Power BI

Buttons in Power BI

Data Bear’s Monday Motivation Blog Post

Welcome back to another post to help you on your Power BI journey.  Today is a blog about some tips to create fun professional-looking buttons in Power BI.  You can use buttons for navigation between report pages, switch between visuals, or even URL links.

Buttons in Power BI

1. Navigation buttons in Power BI

I suggest using a blank button and customizing it to look professional, like a button on a web page.

Insert button

Blank Button


Add the desired text, adjust the text size.  Round the edges under the outline.  Adjust colours to your report theme.  For that last magic tip, go to the hover option on the text, and change the text to a slightly bigger size and a bolder font (from the same font family).

Navigation button

It gives you this nice button animation on hover.

Button on hover


2. Switch option buttons in Power BI

The next tip is not my own, but from Havens Consulting, it was an amazing find.  Here we use a button to create a toggle, that acts as a switch between visuals or pages, or any use you may have for it.

Insert blank button.

Round edges to about 70

Add a circle windows emoji.  To get the emoji window open press the Window key and semicolon. Choose the circle emoji.  This emoji size can be adjusted using the text sizer.  Then on you can change the positioning of the circle to be either left, right, or center aligned.  Then on hover make it move to the other side.

Windows emojis

It gives you this nice effect upon hover.

Toggle GIF

3.  URL links

This is a nice seamless way to add links in your reports, perhaps for some extra information.  This is a really easy one.  You can customize your button any way you like, add a picture and then you simply add the URL into the action part of the button formatting section.  That’s it.


URL in button


Hope you enjoyed the post.  Also see my post on report design ideas.  Have great week.

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