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Custom Colours in Power BI

Data Bear’s Monday Motivation Blog Post

In this quick Monday blog post, I’ll be showing you quick and easy ways to set custom colours in Power BI.

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Have you ever used a custom colour in a visual, and want to re-use it in another visual, but don’t have the # hex code anymore, and the colour is not available in the default colours.  Noting that this usually happens if you saved a report and came back to it.

Visuals showing desired colour


Showing default colour palette

There are 2 ways to deal with custom colours in Power BI

1. Get colour by viewing the colour you want

Say you have 2 visuals and the one has the colour you want,  but it’s not available on the default colour palette of your new visual.  How do you get that custom colour in Power BI?

Simply click on the colour settings of the visual with the colour you want. Click back out. Then click on the colour setting of the visual you want to change.  As easy as that the colour is available to choose.

Colour click GIF


2. Get the hex code from existing visual

Click on the colour settings of the colour you want.  Go to Custom Colour and simply copy the # code.  Then go back to the one you want to change and paste the # code in the Custom Colour.  It is that simple to set customer colour in Power BI


Hexcode copy GIF

This method can of course be used when you are wanting to add any colour.   Simply add the hex code.  RGB colour codes are supported when you customize themes.  More about this here.

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