Create custom tooltips with tooltip pages in Power BI

Sometimes when we add visuals to our Power BI reports and dashboards, we want to provide more information about specific data points. This often happens when using a Matrix visual or something like a scatter chart. By default, the tooltip will display the value and category for the data point. However, you can add custom tooltips that will enhance your visual. You can do this by making use of a Tooltip Page.

In this blog, I will take you through the required steps for creating a customized Tooltip Page.

For this demonstration, I made use of a security risk dataset and plotted a scatter chart. (Some fields are blurred for client confidentiality purposes).

The result looks like the image below, where you have your data points between two axes. In this instance, I wanted to see the identities pertaining to a specific point, so that the higher risks with greater probabilities can immediately be tracked and dealt with.

Tooltip at datapoint

(Step 1) Create a Tooltip Page

Open a New Page. Navigate to the Format pane, then on the Page Information section, turn the Tooltip slider on. This will allow power BI to register this as a tooltip page

Tooltip On


Thereafter, you can select the Page size and change it to Tooltip.

New Tooltip Page

(Step 2) Change your Tooltip Page size to the Actual size.

Do this by navigating to the View tab. Then select Page view and then click on Actual size. This assures that you have an exact view of how the tooltip will be displayed when hovering over your data point.

Page View Tooltip page

(Step 3) Add the desired visual/s to the tooltip page.

Do this as you would with any other page.

Tooltip Page Power BI
(Step 4) Apply the tooltip to your choice of visual.

When you select your visual, in this case when we select our scatter plot. Then go to the Format pane, and turn the Tooltip on from the Tooltip section. Also make sure that you select the Report page that you have just created.

Step 5 (Hover over your visual to test the tooltip)

Now when you hover over your visual, you should see the information that you have created in the tooltip page.

Tooltip at datapoint



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