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Keeping the best-practice in mind, our Power Apps Training is focused on empowering your team to use Power Apps effectively. Throughout the training, you will learn how to easily build Power Apps.  Moreover, you will also learn trigger workflows using Microsoft Power Automate (formerly know as Flow). In addition, it should be noted that you can do this without having any previous app building or coding experience. For more information on Microsoft Power Apps training or to book a course contact Data Bear today. 

Based in London, Data Bear offers tailored Power Apps, training classes. Our scheduled public Power Apps training or private onsite Power Apps courses are available across the UK. These courses will guarantee that you are up to date with building Power Apps. Likewise, we want our Power Apps training courses to be relevant and add significant value to you and your business. Therefore, we also provide bespoke Power Apps training tailored to meet your specific requirements. Consequently, our Microsoft Power Apps training courses are suitable for beginners and experienced app builders who are new to Power Apps.

When it comes to the power apps training that we provide in London, it supports users to save time, increase profits and reduce stress through mobile solutions, no matter what you use your data for, we will work with you to get the results that you require. At Data Bear we aim to provide you with the best possible power apps solutions, they will be suitable for all delegates and our services cover analysing your goals as well as training that will provide you with the best way to meet your business requirements and needs through mobile. We also aim to provide you with full organisational needs as well as an analysis and a full business support service. At Data Bear our team is known for the range of recommended mobile power apps training that we offer to customers across London and the UK. We should always be your first choice for power apps training, get in touch with our team for more information or should you have any questions you need answering.

PowerApps Training

Microsoft Power Apps Training UK

Power Apps is part of the Microsoft Power Platform. During this course, you will learn about all the components of the Power Platform. In addition, we will teach you about the Microsoft Power Platform Common Data Model, and how it adds value to your business. Moreover, the training covers a range of Power Platform use cases ensuring that you get the most out of Power Platform. We will teach you how to turn your ideas into actionable solutions. This will be achieved by leveraging the various tools shipped with the Microsoft Power Platform. These include Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Apps.

The Power Apps training courses that we offer across the UK empowers organisations to build business applications that modernise processes and solve tough challenges. Most importantly, our training will facilitate your understanding of the various Power Platform components, and how they work together to reduce development costs and increase overall efficiency within your organisation.  Understanding how to innovate and automate your business, and being able to visualise the results in Power BI is a must for all businesses wanting to keep a winning edge. For more information on the Power App training that we offer across London and the UK, feel free to contact the Data Bear team today.

The power apps training that we provide draws data from existing data sources and will then format it into data, reports or visualisations, it will then provide you with a number of ways where you can better understand the data on mobile. The power apps training that we offer helps to capture data from many databases and will provide you with visualisations and reports, it will show data in a meaningful way and will permit analysis from users. Power apps offer the capability to readily connect faults and errors as well as help to provide correct methodology and approaches for an end user through mobile use.

Power apps training is intuitive, power apps are robust and powerful, they can process and display data in meaningful ways. These days, new technology has allowed businesses and industries to grow, with this in mind, it’s now essential for companies to understand the importance of knowing their information and data. By offering data in effective ways, power apps can help businesses to consider any decisions that they need to make, as well as any options that they will need to take. Power apps training also supports timeframes and time scales, it’s a powerful training tool that will use power bi (business intelligence) to allow users to find key data and metrics within companies. Businesses will then use this tool to help produce business intelligence visualisations from data and help to find helpful business insights. If power apps training is something that you’d like your business to take advantage of, please get in touch with the Data Bear team today, we’ll provide you with a range of guidance and support through our power apps training services and solutions.

PowerApps Training

Microsoft Power Platform Training

Microsoft’s Flow (now known as Power Automate), allows you to save time and effort with a single automation platform. Thus, enabling your team to focus on higher-value work by automating time-consuming manual processes with User Interface-UI flows. With Power Automate, you can create automated workflows with step-by-step guidance and an intuitive, no-code interface that anyone can use, regardless of their technical expertise. Additionally, AI models can easily be trained for forms processing, binary classification, object detection, and text recognition using the built-in AI capabilities of Power Automate. Start automating common business processes immediately with thousands of prebuilt templates.

Power Automate templates

We will teach you how to build an app from scratch, set up workflows for an approval process, and integrate this with your data sources.

Technologies covered in the training:

  • PowerApps: A software as a service application platform that enables power users in line with business roles to easily build and deploy custom business apps. There are dedicated modules to both canvas and Model-driven apps.
  • Microsoft Automate (Flow): This is a business service for the line-of-business specialists and IT pros that build automated workflows intuitively.
  • Common Data Service (CDS): Make it easier to bring your data together and rapidly create powerful apps using a compliant and reusable data service and app platform integrated into Power Apps.
  • Power BI: Self-service feature-rich business visualisation capabilities, where end users can create reports and dashboards by themselves, without having to depend on information technology staff or database administrators.

Get started today and join our PowerApps training from Data Bear today, available to customers across the UK. Power Apps training courses can create new skills and knowledge, empower you to become a successful web app developer, and manage a range of business applications.

Why undertake Microsoft Power Apps and Power Platform Training?

Do you think that your business would benefit from replacing its time-consuming, paper-based, spreadsheet driven processes? If so, then Power Apps simple app-building tools will allow you to streamline your business processes. This would usually require a lot of knowledge, development, and coding experience. However, Power Apps has made this process simple for end-users. At Data Bear we believe that the Power Platform-tools will empower your organisation through custom business applications without the need for investing in, or outsourcing, code developers. Therefore, to make the process simple, the Power Platform provides over 150 pre-developed templates for processes that range from setting up service notifications to synchronising files and data.

Training provided by Data Bear will empower you to be a confident user of Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, and the Common Data Model Service. The course has been specially designed to give you the best-practice knowledge and experience that you need to use Power Apps effectively.  Additionally, the courses involve practical hands-on training, providing you with the skills that you need to become a competent user. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our team of consultants works closely with Microsoft to ensure our content is up to date and easy to understand.

Power apps allow companies to drive insight from a range of data, it can be used and viewed at a number of different levels of the business, power apps insights can be used to provide optimal results. The training will also cover theories so users can study and apply different decisions. There is a range of platforms that will cover Power BI and at Data Bear we offer a range of solutions that can help our users to transform their raw data into information that makes sense. Our power apps training solutions really are great for your business, when it comes to business intelligence data, we will help you to convert it into meaningful information and our power apps training can answer a number of questions or queries that you may have. For more information, click here.

Why Choose Data Bear as your Power Apps Training Provider?

 When it comes to Power Apps training, you can trust that you’re in the best hands with Data Bear. We offer a wealth of experience that includes both a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics and a Power BI Partner. In addition, our team receives regular ‘insider’ training from the Microsoft Power Apps and Power BI team. Consequently, we are always up to speed with best practices and the latest Power Apps training.

Data Bear has over a decade of Microsoft Business Intelligence experience.  For this reason, our team is highly knowledgeable and dedicated. We ensure that the Power Apps training comes with practical business application use cases that produce results. Furthermore, having partnered with Microsoft, we teach you how to build a robust solution from the ground up. When you employ us, your team will be guaranteed to have a best-practice foundation. As a result, your team will be able to create bespoke business apps that lead to continued improvements in efficiency through automation and innovation.

For those who have attended our training and courses, we provide discounted ongoing Power Apps support packages. When choosing the support packages, your team will receive expert consultation and mentorship, leading to new heights on your Power Apps journey.

Based on our customer feedback, we have created a list of reasons why you should choose our team for Power Apps Training Courses:

  • Microsoft Gold Partner,
  • Established business with a well-known reputation,
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT),
  • Microsoft Most Value Professional (MVP),
  • Options for a group, live online training, and bespoke private training,
  • Ongoing support packages available.

Microsoft themselves defines Power Apps as a collection of apps, services, connectors and data platforms that provide a range of application development services for apps and your business requirements. It can be integrated with other applications and apps and will provide key strength with its ability to build apps that are based on Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365, and apps created from power apps will have the potential to bring them altogether for your users in a convenient experience.

For Power Apps Training, Contact Data Bear Today

Should you be in need of Power Apps Training, look no further, you’re in the right place with Data Bear. We specialise in providing Power Apps Training that will help to transform your data into useful and easy to digest information. No matter what your requirements are, we’ve got you covered, for more information contact our team today.


What is Power Apps?

Power Apps is a program by Microsoft, this initiative allows non-developers and non-technical users to create and build mobile applications. In addition, it also includes a range of templates to choose from. Therefore allowing you to create an application with an intuitive visual design that includes drag and drop functionality as well as a familiar look and feel to other Microsoft applications like PowerPoint.

Why should I use Power Apps?

It allows you to connect to a range of data sources, this includes Microsoft applications but also other sources such as Google, Salesforce, Facebook, GitHub, Azure, Dynamics, Bing and many more. These sources may also be used to create and build an app from a range of templates.

Where is the data from Power Apps stored?

With Power Apps you can connect to a wide variety of data sources, files, databases, etc. or a common data model (CDM). You can add the data you use for your app to the Microsoft Common Data Model. For more information on this, feel free to contact the Data Bear team today.

Will Power Apps still work if you are offline?

Yes, you can save data to a local device and from that device, however, this is only recommended over small data amounts (e.g. not more than 2MB). For basic “offline” scenarios as well as to enhance the startup performance of canvas apps by caching data locally, using Offline mode could be of value.

What can I use Microsoft Power Apps for?

Microsoft Power Apps is a no-code tool that will allow you to create custom apps and applications, it can include a range of features from Office 365 and Microsoft platforms and can handle various business workflows. The Apps can then be accessed via mobile devices or via a web browser.

What are Power Apps used for?

They allow you to create mobile apps that run on a range of platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows, they are also suitable with the majority of browsers. Power Apps are a mobile app, mobile app development used to involve creating apps for different operating systems and the system that they need to run on such as iOS, Android and Windows.

What language do Power Apps use?

Power Apps is a low-code development platform and allows businesses to quickly build apps and applications that can run on a web browser on a phone or tablet. Power Apps include web-based IDE and an Excel-like expression language that include imperative constructs, variables and loops, over 130 connectors for data sources such as SQL Servers, Office 365, Salesforce and Twitter.

Who uses Power Apps?

Power Apps is a tool that allows you to create custom apps, you can leverage the features of the Office 365 and Microsoft platform, apps can be accessed through mobile devices or through the browser. Power Apps isn’t just for developers, it can also be used by non-technical employees including business analysts, so it is possible for PowerApps power users to use custom apps, power apps can bring the power of process automation to non-technical audiences.


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