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Power BI April Update

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Welcome to the latest edition of our Power BI April Update! As Microsoft continue to enhance Power BI to improve your data visualization and reporting capabilities, this April brings exciting new features and improvements to Power BI. Let’s dive into the highlights of this month’s updates.

New Visuals and Improved Chart Options Power BI April Update

1. 100% Stacked Area Chart

We’re excited to introduce a new visual to your reporting toolkit: the 100% stacked area chart. This visual helps you display the relative percentage of multiple data series in a visually compelling way, with each segment stacking up to a total of 100%. This is perfect for comparing the proportions of categories over time within a  whole.

100% Stacked Area Chart Power BI April Update

2. Enhanced Line Chart Controls

Enhancing  line chart capabilities, Power BI offers more control over their appearance and functionality:

  • Transparency Settings: Adjust the transparency of your line charts to blend with any background or emphasize other data points.
  • Line Smoothing and Step Lines: Choose from additional options to smooth the curves of your lines for a cleaner look, or implement step lines to clearly delineate data points.

Enhanced Line Chart Controls

Power BI Add-in for PowerPoint: Seamless Data Integration

3. Live Data and Snapshot Options

The Power BI add-in for PowerPoint is now more flexible than ever. When using the add-in on an empty slide, it can automatically suggest a slide title based on the content displayed. Moreover, a new dropdown menu in the footer allows you to toggle between viewing live data or snapshots, with options for secure snapshots or public snapshots depending on your audience’s access rights.

4. Enhanced Image Mode

With the improved image mode feature, freezing Power BI content as images in PowerPoint has never been easier. This ensures that your presentations remain up-to-date with the latest data while maintaining a high level of interactivity and security. The add-in now allows you to choose between live data, a snapshot for restricted viewing, or a public snapshot that anyone can view during the presentation.

Mobile Enhancements and Barcode Integration Power BI April Update

5. Power BI Mobile: Folders and Workspaces

The Power BI mobile apps now support folders and workspaces, making it easier to organize and access your Power BI items on the go. This feature is particularly useful for users who manage a variety of datasets and reports.

Power BI Mobile Folders and Workspaces

6. Streamlined Barcode Scanning

The new barcode scanning feature is a game-changer for retail and inventory management. Users can now scan a product barcode to filter reports directly related to the scanned item. Power BI have also added a ‘Clear Barcode’ button to quickly reset the filter, enhancing the user experience.

Streamlined Barcode Scanning


Wrapping Up

April’s Power BI update brings significant enhancements that make it easier and more efficient to share insights across your organization. From improved visuals and PowerPoint integration to enhanced mobile features and community engagement, Power BI continues to evolve to meet your data analytics needs.

In addition to these updates, we encourage you to take advantage of our comprehensive Power BI training programs. Whether you’re a beginner looking to understand the basics or an experienced user aiming to master advanced features, our training can help you enhance your skills and make the most out of Power BI.



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