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Professional File Audit

Embrace the Unknown

Why Professional Audits Are Invaluable

Is your organisation harnessing the true power of its data? Are you confident that your Microsoft Power BI reports and models are optimised for maximum efficiency and accuracy? It’s time to consider a Power BI file audit— a comprehensive evaluation that will revolutionise the way you leverage your data.

In the vast landscape of data use, it’s easy for organisations to find themselves unaware of untapped potential and hidden pitfalls. Oftentimes, we don’t know what we don’t know. That’s precisely where the true value of a professional Power BI file audit comes into play.

By entrusting your Power BI ecosystem to experienced auditors, you open the doors to a wealth of expertise and insights that may have otherwise remained undiscovered. The Data Bear team has a deep understanding of industry best practices, emerging trends, and advanced techniques that can uncover valuable opportunities for your organisation.

expert evaluation

Expert Evaluation

The Process of Conducting a Power BI File Audit

At its core, a Power BI file audit is a meticulous examination of an earmarked Power BI Desktop file conducted by our consultants. Their objective is to assess your Power BI model, scrutinise the implementation of best practices in Power Query, DAX, and modelling, and identify areas for improvement. By thoroughly analysing your Power BI model and reports, this audit empowers your organisation to with confidence that the solution is efficient, accurate and follows best practice. 

What can you expect from a Power BI file audit? First, our experienced team will meticulously review your Power BI model, ensuring that every aspect adheres to industry-leading standards.

In the audit we cover the intricacies of Power Query to the nuances of DAX calculations and model design, and overall report design.

Power BI Cloud Audit

Transforming Audit Recommendations into Action

Our Power BI Cloud Service Auditing is your essential resource for maintaining the highest standards of security, compliance, performance, and cost-efficiency in your Power BI deployments. Our auditing services are designed to provide you with a clear, comprehensive understanding of your Power BI environment, providing you with the insights needed to optimise your operations and leverage your data with confidence.

Receive a detailed report summarising our findings, including actionable insights and recommendations for improving your Power BI environment. This report serves as a valuable tool for strategic planning, change management and continuous improvement.

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Power Query Optimisation:

Evaluating and enhancing the efficiency of data extraction, transformation, and loading processes.

DAX Calculation Review:

Analysing and fine-tuning the Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) formulas for accurate and optimised calculations.

Model Design Analysis:

Assessing the structure and relationships within the Power BI model to ensure data integrity and efficient data navigation.

Report Performance Evaluation:

Identifying bottlenecks and areas of improvement to enhance the speed and responsiveness of Power BI reports.

Data Source Validation:

Verifying the reliability, accuracy, and consistency of the data sources used in the Power BI model.

Security and Access Control Audit:

Reviewing the security measures in place, including user access rights, role-based permissions, and data protection protocols.

Visualisation and User Experience Assessment:

Evaluating the effectiveness and usability of the visualisations, dashboards, and user interface design.

Documentation and Data Governance:

Examining the documentation practices and data governance policies to ensure compliance, consistency, and transparency.

Performance Optimisation Recommendations:

Providing a detailed list of actionable recommendations to improve the overall performance and efficiency of the Power BI solution.

Implementation Support:

Assisting with the implementation of recommended changes and providing guidance to ensure a smooth transition and adoption of the improvements.

Unlocking the Value

How a Power BI File Audit Benefits Your Organisation

The beauty of a professional audit lies in its ability to provide an unbiased perspective. Since auditors are not involved in day-to-day operations, they bring a fresh and objective viewpoint to the table. This allows them to identify blind spots, challenge existing assumptions, and offer innovative recommendations.

Furthermore, audits instill a sense of confidence and trust in your data. By engaging professionals to conduct a comprehensive evaluation, you can be assured that any potential risks or vulnerabilities will be addressed proactively. This proactive approach minimises the chances of encountering data-related setbacks and empowers your organisation to rely on accurate, actionable insights with utmost certainty.

By investing in a Power BI file audit, you are investing in the future success of your organisation. Unlock the full potential of your data, gain invaluable insights, and unleash a new level of productivity. Let us help you harness the true power of Microsoft Power BI and take your data-driven decision-making to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

This service focuses on one Power Desktop BI File at a time. Our team will meet with your team to discuss the Power BI Desktop file being focused on. We will obtain clarity on any issues being experienced, who it was designed for, the purpose of the report and the important business questions it should answer.
Our team will then gain access to the Power BI Desktop file and begin the comprehensive file audit. Once a detailed report has been created, our team will schedule another call to go through the audit with your team and ensure all recommendations are understood. 

This service focuses your Power BI cloud environment. It does not focus on the design of the reports or dashboards, but rather how these are being distributed securely to a wider audience. Our team will meet with your team to discuss your tenant settings and use of gateways. We will obtain clarity on any issues being experienced, any security requirements, refresh requirements and how users are accessing shared content. 
Our team will then gain access to your Power BI cloud environment and begin the comprehensive audit. We will document all workspaces and the artefacts within, and investigate the use of Power BI consumer apps and dashboards in the cloud.  Once a detailed report has been created, our team will schedule another call to go through the audit with your team and ensure all recommendations are understood. 

No, this service does not include correcting issues, however we do provide examples of how the situation can be improved. For example, we could provide an example of more efficient DAX or M functions, data model structure, and examples of how the report design could be improved. If there are performance issues, we do not fix it, rather we provide recommendations on how these could be improved. The purpose of the audit is NOT for you to receive a fully corrected Power BI file that follows best practices, instead the purpose is for you to be aware of areas requiring improvements and to receive guidance on how to implement these.

Yes, if a recommendation only requires a small amount of time to implement, we will not charge to for this. For recommendations that require more than 1hr to implement, our team will provide you with an estimated cost to implement each recommendation. You are then able to choose which of these you would like our team to assist with.

Yes, however, this falls outside of the scope of the Power BI file audit service and would be billed separately. Generally, this service only requires half a day to go through each workspace, check how the reports and dashboards are being shared, check gateway configurations (if any), check the Power BI admin portal settings and check any Power BI apps for consumption that have been created internally. The purpose of this audit is to ensure that Power BI solutions are being shared and governed following best practices. 

Yes. Data Bear’s support services offers team augmentation that can be more cost-effective and efficient way to embrace and harness new Microsoft technologies. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Data Bear offers dedicated resources to contribute to your projects or ad-hoc tasks to help increase the quality of work whilst reducing time spent on development or problem solving. With our team at your service, you have access to a broader talent pool that are continuously upskilling to ensure enhance business efficiency and best practice. 

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