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Introduction to Power BI BYO Data Training

Trainer holding a laptop with Power BI report

When using your own data to learn how to build insightful reports, all the training exercises have a relevant context that is aligned to your specific business needs, and the final output is a tailored Power Business Intelligence solution which adds value to your organisation.

In this training workshop, using your own data, we teach you how to build the reports your organisation needs and how to ensure that your end users are empowered to derive significant value from the Power BI solution. Based on your requested learning path, the course focuses on your specific needs and business requirements, ensuring that what you learn is relevant and adds significant value to defined outcomes.

To ensure efficiency, we first review your data in combination with your specific reporting requirements and learning outcomes and design exercises around these.  The end result, not only do you receive the required reports to a high standard, but your team will be empowered to build these types of reports themselves.

Trainer holding a laptop with Power BI report

Course Prerequisites

As we are able to tailor this course to suit those that are new to Power BI, no prior Power BI learning prerequisites are required.

The aim of the course is to ensure a solid foundation of the fundamental best practice concepts. This is achieved whilst guiding students step-by-step on how to build the reports their team needs with their own data. Within this context, this course is a comprehensive program that provides participants with a solid understanding of Power BI and its key features. Starting with an overview, participants learn about the value offering, licensing, and pricing options. They then explore Power BI Desktop, understanding its components, workflow, and how to connect to data sources. The course also covers the Power BI Cloud Service, focusing on best practices for creating dashboards and securely sharing content across the organisation.

With an emphasis on data modelling concepts, we teach best practices for handling different data structures and utilising a star a schema for efficient analysis. Participants gain hands-on experience with data extraction, transformation, cleaning and loading processes. They also learn key report building concepts and functionality, that empower building compelling interactive reports for end users.

Additionally, the course introduces participants to DAX, the formula language in Power BI, and covers evaluation context, calculated measures, and time intelligence concepts. Governance and distribution is covered, including row-level security, creating group workspaces and sharing reports and dashboards inside a Power BI app. 

The course concludes with a review of key concepts, resources for further learning, and open discussions. Overall, participants develop the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage Power BI effectively for data visualisation and analysis.

The key learning objectives

By the end of the Power BI BYO Data Training course, participants will have developed a solid understanding of Power BI Desktop. Using their own data, they will have the necessary skills to design, model, and visualise data, and collaborate in Power BI cloud service to deliver compelling reports that address business needs effectively.

Understanding Power BI:

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of Power BI, including its features, value offering, and licensing options. They will grasp the overall workflow and components of Power BI Desktop and the Cloud Service.

Data Modeling and Query Building:

Participants will learn best practices for data modeling, including establishing relationships between tables and utilising star schema. They will acquire skills in extracting, transforming, and loading data from various sources, as well as applying common data transformations and building efficient queries.

Report Building and Visualization:

Participants will learn how to design and optimise reports, choosing appropriate visuals based on context. They will enhance report interactivity, customise visual elements, and utilise advanced features such as KPI cards, tooltips, drills, and conditional formatting.

DAX Formulas and Time Intelligence:

Participants will gain proficiency in using DAX formulas, understanding its syntax and commonly used functions. They will explore evaluation context and learn how to create calculated measures and utilise time intelligence concepts for analyzing data over time.

Governance and Distribution:

Participants will understand the importance of governance in Power BI, including implementing row-level security, publishing models, and sharing reports and dashboards. They will also learn how to collaborate in group workspaces and publish Power BI apps for consumers.

Throughout the course, ample time will be provided for students to follow along with the instructor during demonstrations and labs. The labs are designed to reinforce the concepts learned in each module and provide hands-on practice in applying the skills

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team will meet with your team to discuss the requirements and we will provide you with a template that facilitates the process of knowing all the data sources to be used and having clarity on the reporting requirements.

How we access the source is depended on the type of sources. Generally, we would require access to the source system environments (database or APIs etc.) or files storing the data (SharePoint site or Excel files etc.).

Yes, as we will be connecting directly to your data sources and creating the required data model in Power BI for you. We will also create all the KPIs and the reports required. Going forward, you will be able to share the reports to end users and refresh the model to pull the latest data when required. 

As Power BI Foundations training course starts with an introductory overview of Power BI, delegates who attend this course do not require any previous BI training or prior Power BI experience. The course is designed to guide delegates from zero to hero. We often have users who have been using the tool extensively attend our course and during the course they find that there were many ‘gaps’ in their learning. The training course adds value to both those who are new to Power BI and those who already have experience with the tool.

As our Power BI Next Level training course follows on from our Power BI Foundations course, delegates who attend this course are required to have completed the Foundations course or have practical experience and understanding of our Foundation course topics. This course is designed to provide delegates with a deeper understanding of Power BI Concepts enabling them to create highly effective reports.

Yes, we schedule these two courses to always run back-to-back, thus if you would like to be full immersed you can attend 4 days training by attending both courses in the same week.

Some general requirements: All delegates need a laptop running Windows OS (BYO Laptop), Delegates will need to be able to download and install the latest version of Power BI Desktop on their laptop, or need to have the latest version pre-installed. Training files and a digital copy of the manual will be provided as well as a Power BI Pro accounts for use during the course. Those attending our online courses, should have access to 2 screens.

Our courses focus on understanding key concepts around how best to use the tool to solve business problems. This is a totally different way of thinking and thus requires a different approach. The success of our courses are grounded in our passion to focus on best practice concepts that empower a solid foundation to build upon. 

What distinguishes Data Bear as a Power BI training provider is that our company is an established Power BI partner with a vertical focus on implementing Power BI solutions. On top of this, we are also a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics. Our team includes a Microsoft MVP for 2019 – 2020 for their contribution around Power BI. The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award is given by Microsoft to technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. We also have a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) are certified premier technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies. As a consulting organisation with a central focus on Power BI, you have the benefit of receiving specialist training from instructors who draw on their industry experience to teach best practice to solve business problems.

Yes. Data Bear’s Power BI support services offers team augmentation that can be more cost-effective and efficient way to embrace and harness Microsoft technologies. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Data Bear offers dedicated resources to contribute to your projects or ad-hoc tasks to help increase the quality of work whilst reducing time spent on development or problem solving. With our team at your service, you have access to a broader talent pool that are continuously upskilling to ensure enhance business efficiency and best practice. 

If you require our course content to be tailored to your specific needs, we suggest you request a private training session. In this scenario, one of our trainers will provide your team customised training. We also provide Power BI training using your own data (BYO data training).
Yes! We understand that some of your team may be located outside the UK and would thus prefer a remote learning option. Our live online remotely delivered courses will still cover all the same aspects as in-person training.

If you’re new to Power BI, then our Foundations course is the best option for you. This will give you a comprehensive overview of what the tool can do and how best to do so. The Power BI training exercises focus on ensuring that you will master the basics and have a solid best practice foundation around telling a compelling story with data. Our Next Level course allows a deeper focus on key learning concepts. If you are wanting to dive a little deeper into creating robust reports, then in addition to the Foundations course, the Next Level is a good option. 

Our team provides Power BI consulting and support services to organisations globally. Our experienced Power BI consultants have developed a ‘Requirements Analysis’ template which helps facilitate the process of communicating and collating your specific reporting requirements. We also provide mentorship, if your analysts need supercharging, our Power BI consultants will mentor them and ensure they are equipped to help create a ‘data culture’ in the organisation.

When booking a private class you can ensure that only your organisation’s team members are in the class. This provides freedom to ask specific questions around your usage scenarios and to focus on specific content as requested. Private class can be tailored to your needs. When booking a private class, we also offer significant discounts for larger groups.
Yes, when pricing our private Power BI training, we offer significant discounts (up to 70%) based on the number of delegates, and only charge for the first 5 delegates. We can deliver private bespoke training at your premises throughout the UK or as a live online session.

Yes, as it is important for IT to understand how governance and security are managed within the Power BI admin portal, we offer specific training focusing on empowering IT to manage Power BI roll-outs.

Yes, without end user training, consumers loose value by not knowing how to use some of the rich features Power BI offers. For example, there is native artificial intelligence (AI) within Power BI which could potentially unlock hidden insights with a simply click of a button. We ensure end users are empowered to derive significant value from a Power BI solution.

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