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Power BI Default Views

Data Bear’s Monday Motivation Blog Post

Today we will show you how to setup default views for your reports. Default views in Power BI is a great way to ensure that end users can easily revert back to their most important KPI views. Let’s say that a director wants to weekly see the sales of the companies two most important products for the current year and previous year. The director can simply select a button to return to that view if multiple other actions already took place on the report. We will make use of the bookmarks feature in Power BI to setup default views. Please visit our post on bookmarks if you want to get a detailed overview of the bookmarks feature.

Bookmarks Default Views

Setting up Default views

First, we are going to create a button that serves as the return to default button. Go to Insert and select the reset button from the buttons tab.

Bookmarks Default Views

After inserting the button we will add some text underneath it to indicate to users that this is the return to their main KPI default view.

Bookmarks Default Views


Bookmarks is a brilliant way to setup main KPI’s or default views that requires certain selections. We know that businesses have certain KPI’s that is critical to view in order to assess the current health of the business. This might require certain sections and as users interacts with a report it is extremely convenient to just return to the default view. If you need and introduction to Bookmarks, please follow this link .

We need to setup our report before creating the Power BI default views with bookmarks. We need to select the sales of the current year and previous year. Furthermore, our Directors need to closely follow the sales of the top 2 products. See the below image indicating the necessary selections for this view.

Bookmarks Default Views

Once the report is filter to our requirements can we setup the bookmark. Let’s go to the views tab and select from there Bookmarks. From the bookmarks view we add a new bookmark. It is important to take note that bookmarks will keep all selections and filters that is applied to the report at that moment. We call the bookmark ‘Default View’

Bookmarks Default Views

We see that our bookmark default view is saved in our bookmarks view.

Bookmarks Default Views

Adding bookmarks to a button

The button in its standard view will not have an action associated to it. We need to activate an action for the button. In order to do this we will go to the Action view when we click on the reset button. Here we toggle the action button. There are multiple actions that can be attached to the button. These actions are drill trough,  bookmarks, Q&A, Web links and Page Navigation options. Let’s select bookmarks and choose the  ‘default view’ bookmark that was just created.

Bookmarks Default Views

After activating the button, it is setup to always go back to the default view after different slices and filters were applied. This is a very user friendly and easy way to make sure that user can see certain views with very little effort. Multiple action buttons and bookmarks can be used on a page for often used filters.

That is it for today’s post. Be sure to check out some of the other great content on our website.

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