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Power BI Embedded Solutions

Microsoft Power BI embedded allows you to provide access to dashboards and reports and other analytics in your own application with your own branding. Using the Power BI API and Azure features, your can provide the many rich features and functionality experienced within the Power BI cloud service within your own application. This significantly reduces the development time, costs and complexity.

With no requirement for end-user licensing, you can pay as little as $1/hour for analytics with the ability to easily scale as your business grows. Alternatively, if you’re already using Power BI premium, there are no additional costs to using Power BI embedded.

Power BI Embedded Reference Architecture

Power BI Embedded Solution

Power BI Embedded Analytics Applications

Microsoft Power BI Embedded provides seamless integration of reports and dashboards, KPI tiles, and other visuals into any third-party or SaaS application. This makes it ideal for independent software vendors (ISVs) or those who wish consumers to sign into a custom web app or portal to engage with content.

If you want to securely share Power BI reports externally without the need for consumers to have a relationship with Microsoft (i.e buy their own licenses to use Power BI), or if you don’t want consumers to have to sign into the Microsoft Power BI cloud service, then Power BI Embedded is a good fit.

Usually to consume Power BI content, consumers need to log into the Power BI cloud service. Not needing to do so is made possible through Microsoft’s powerful Embedded API and SDKs for ASP.NET and JavaScript/Angular JS.

The Power BI service (SaaS) and the Embedded service in Microsoft Azure (PaaS) have APIs for embedding your dashboards and reports. This gives you the ability to create unique experiences for consumers within a fully customisable application.

Power BI Embedded Playground

Our team of experienced Power BI developers can help embed Power BI and provide the many custom features shown in the bellow Power BI embedded playground. For some live interactive examples, please take a look at and play around with the various custom development options and functionality available.

Power BI Embedded Playground 1200x762 1

How to use Power BI Embedded

Power BI embedded analytics has different solution architecture options to suit specific scenarios. To use Power BI Embedded, your customers don’t need to already be using Power BI. You can use the following 2 different methods to create an embedded application:

Power BI Pro account
Service principal

Power BI embedded analytics has different solution architecture options to suit specific scenarios. To use Power BI Embedded, your customers don’t need to already be using Power BI.

The Power BI Pro account acts as your application’s master account (think of it as a proxy account). This account allows you to generate embed tokens that provide access to your application’s Power BI dashboards and reports.

Using an app-only token, Service principal allows you to embed Power BI content into your application. It also allows you to generate embed tokens that provide access to your application’s Power BI dashboards and reports.

Rather than spending time developing visuals and analytics, with Power BI Embedded developers can spend time focused on building their application’s core functionality . By embedding easily with fully documented APIs and SDKs, developers can rapidly meet customer dashboard and report demands. By enabling easy-to-navigate data exploration in apps, ISVs allow customers to make quick, data-driven decisions in context from any device.

Important- Even though embedding requires the Power BI service, your customers do not need to have a Power BI account to view your application’s embedded content.

Power BI Embedded Consulting and Implementation

From well-established enterprises to SAAS start-ups, our team has helped organisations to innovate and stay ahead of competitors. This has been achieved by developing custom applications that are used for embedding Power BI solutions. Accordingly, as part of this service, we offer fully white-labelled custom app development. Our full-stack development team can integrate Power BI embedded into your existing framework. Following best practice protocols, we handle the full cycle from the UI / UX design of login pages and a custom built backend admin interface for you to manage users, security and governance.

Getting Started with a Power BI Embedded Solution

On consideration of our Power BI embedded consulting services, one of our consultants will schedule a call and discuss your needs and usage scenarios at a high level. To help facilitate and understanding of the details we will share a template with you. This then empowers us to recommend the most suitable solution architecture. Our team will then provide you with a proposal with time and cost estimates.

Power BI Embedded Solution Development Guidance

We often have a request to upskill developers in a way which empowers them to successfully deploy and manage a Power BI solution for the organisation. With over a decade of Microsoft Business Intelligence experience, we have successfully deployed numerous production ready embedded solutions. Using best practice, we will teach your team how to build a robust embedded solution from the ground up. As a result, you’ll be able to create bespoke embedded solutions that lead to continued improvements in efficiency as well as automation and innovation.

Power BI Embedded Analytics Scenarios



Publish to Web.

No authentication needed to view reports.

Warning, anyone on the internet can view the reports!

No Power BI License (Free)Embed via embed code.


Publish in SharePoint online.

Users must sign into the Power BI service.Power BI Pro or Power BI Premium license. Embed via embed code into SharePoint


Embed report securely to a portal or website.

Need to sign in with Office 365 credentials to access embedded analytics.Power BI Premium and Power BI Pro.

Secure embed code from URL.

Embedding into your organisation’s internal portals, websites, and applications.


Embed in your own application.

App owns authentication. No need to sign in with Office 365 credentials.Need at least one Power BI Pro license for a master user. Also require, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and a dedicated workspace. In addition, you also need capacity.For application developers to use Power BI REST APIs and JavaScript APIs.

How Clients have Benefited from our Power BI
Embedded Services

Power BI Embedded Icon 1
They have a secure ‘white-labelled’ environment to provide their customers or partners access to Power BI solutions
Power BI Embedded Icon 2
Easily integrate a solution into an existing custom portal with advanced reporting tools
Power BI Embedded Icon 1
Improve security by making use of Row-level security which filters data based on user credentials
embedded 4
Create a custom admin interface that allows teams to manage users and security roles, and to update content
embedded 5
A Power BI Pro license is not a requirement for each user to view and interact with embedded solutions
embedded 6
As Power BI is constantly being improved, they benefit from all the new feature updates

Why Choose Data Bear for Power BI Embedded Services

Data Bear offers a wealth of experience that includes both a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics and a Power BI Partner. Our solution architect, who has been recognised for his influence in the domain has been given Microsoft MVP status. As Microsoft partners, our team receives regular ‘insider’ training from the Microsoft Power BI team. Consequently, we are always up to speed with best practices and the latest Power BI embedded solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Power BI Embedded (PBIE) allows application developers to embed compelling interactive reports and dashboards into their applications without having to build their own data visualisations and analytics controls from scratch.

If you’re an independent software vendor (ISV) or a developer who wants to create applications for third parties to use your application, we recommend using the embed for your customers method to embed your Power BI content. Embedding for your customers allows you to embed dashboards and reports to users who don’t have a Power BI account.

Power BI is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) analytics solution that gives organisations a single interactive view of their most critical data.

Microsoft developed Power BI Embedded analytics to empower ISVs who want to embed analytics into their applications. Embedded analytics provides consumers access to business data and to ask questions against this within an application.

Power BI Premium is capacity geared toward enterprises who want a complete BI solution that provides a single view of its organisation, partners, suppliers and customers. Power BI Premium empowers your organisation with the flexibility to view and share analytics more widely. Power BI Premium allows users to consume content through internally developed apps, or at the Power BI portal, and mobile apps.

Power BI Embedded is for ISVs who want to embed visuals into their applications. Power BI Embedded analytics provides the ability for ISVs to share analytics without consumers requiring a Power BI licenses, or needing to use the Power BI cloud service. Power BI Embedded is for application developers, customers of that application can consume content stored on Power BI Embedded capacity, including anyone inside or outside the organisation.

Yes, we provide full stack development for the end to end process. If needed, we can help design the app sign in page, UI and UX etc. Outside of this, we tailor the experience and features within the app to your specific needs.

Yes. Data Bear’s support services offers team augmentation that can be more cost-effective and efficient way to embrace and harness new Microsoft technologies. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Data Bear offers dedicated resources to contribute to your projects or ad-hoc tasks to help increase the quality of work whilst reducing time spent on development or problem solving. With our team at your service, you have access to a broader talent pool that are continuously upskilling to ensure enhance business efficiency and best practice. 

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