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Power BI issues with switching tenants

Data Bear’s Monday Motivation Blog Post

Happy Monday everybody.  This post looks at Power BI issues with switching tenants account.

Power BI issues switching tenants

It’s true, switching between tenant accounts on 1 computer, causes some difficulty at times. I will share with you what  I have found works for me.  Being a freelance report developer has me switching between 3 tenant accounts.  I will address 3 of the problems I struggled with in the past.

1.  Publishing to the service showing wrong workspaces

What I’m referring to is when you publish to the service, and the workspaces appearing are for the wrong tenant account. This is an easy fix.  All you need to do is sign into your account on Power BI desktop using your Microsoft account details.

2. List of dataflows are for the wrong tenant

This is one of the trickier Power BI issues with switching tenants account.  So you’ve signed into your correct Power BI in your desktop file, however when you try to connect to a Power BI dataflow the list that appear is for the incorrect tenant account.

How to fix this?

You will have to sign into your account on your dataflow credentials as well.

Go to Transform Data.

On the Data Source Settings.

Data source setting button

Then edit your credentials.

Data source settings

Edit permission

Save and apply and try again, you should now see the correct tenant’s dataflows.

3.  Opening a report – Unable to connect

This occurs when opening a report connected to a dataset in the service.  The message you receive is this.

Unable to connect

How to get around this?

Close Power BI.

Open a blank Power BI desktop document, sign into the correct tenant account, then go to Open Report, Browse reports, navigate and open your report that way.

Open report in Power BI desktop

Hope this helps.

You can read about other problems you may encounter here.

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Happy reporting.

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