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This Power BI Purchase Analysis report set could be yours…

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Understanding Power BI Purchase Analysis

Our Purchase Analysis Solution ensures your business purchases are being managed with optimal efficiency and that you have a crystal-clear view of the impact they are having on your business.

Image what you could accomplish if you no longer had to hunt and gather spend data from various sources across your company, and pull your hair out trying to make sense of it all each month. Envisage the impact you could have with an aggregated and classified spend analysis of company-wide purchases, one that’s super-fast, loaded with reliable supplier data, and available on-demand.

Our Purchase Analysis Solution Demonstration has been designed to answer questions such as:

  • What am I really spending?
  • What exactly am I spending it on?
  • With whom am I spending it?
  • Am I getting what’s been promised for that spend?
  • What percentage of our purchases come from new vendors?
  • What is the trend in product volume (quantity) purchased and how does this compare to previous years?
  • Where can we save on our monthly spend?

The Data Bear team has the experience and skills to help you gain the insights you need to manage your organisation’s purchases effectively. We use our multidisciplinary team to model your data with the intention of transforming your raw organisational data into an interactive compelling data story that allows for smart decision making. We design your reports to ensure you have the flexibility to obtain a 360 degree view of your business and ask specific questions of your data. Our team will work closely with your organisation to design and develop reports and dashboards to fit your unique situation and organisational challenges.

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