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Support Package Pricing

A Power BI support package on a monthly retainer is a smart investment for any company that wants to make the most of their data and achieve their business objectives with Power BI.

All Support Packages include:

Monthly Retainer Plans


4 hours remote support

3 months contract


12 hours remote support

3 months contract


20 hours remote support

6 months contract


35 hours remote support

6 months contract

Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)


10 hours remote support

Use within 6 months


20 hours remote support

Use within 6 months

Try Before You Commit


Existing Customers
Unlimited hours remote support

No contract


New Customers
Unlimited hours remote support

No contract

Purchasing one of our support packages on a monthly retainer offer the following benefits

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Save time and money by outsourcing any Power Platform tasks to experts who can deliver high-quality results in a timely manner.

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Resolve any issues or challenges related to Power BI quickly and efficiently by contacting the support team anytime, anywhere.

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Get help automating processes with Power Automate and Power Apps solutions.

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Significantly reduce wait times when you or one of your team is working on a project and becomes unsure of how to get desired results.


Have assurance that the solutions your team are creating are efficient and follow best practices.

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Stay updated with the latest Power BI features and best practices by getting regular guidance and feedback from the support team.


Enhance the data analysis and reporting capabilities of the company by leveraging the power of Power BI tools and features.


Scale up or down the Microsoft Power BI support package according to the changing needs and goals of the company.

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Receiving a monthly newsletter with latest Power BI and Power Platform tips and tricks.

Extend Your Team with Data Bear

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Data Bear’s IT support services offers team augmentation that can be more cost-effective and efficient way to embrace and harness Microsoft technologies. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Data Bear offers dedicated resources to contribute to your projects or ad-hoc tasks to help increase the quality of work whilst reducing time spent on development or problem solving. With our team at your service, you have access to a broader talent pool that are continuously upskilling to ensure enhance business efficiency and best practice. 

Team augmentation can help keep your in-house team small, while enjoying an agile tech team with a wide range of expertise. We empower your team to discover new processes and help ensure best practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use a dedicated Teams channel to facilitate all support requests. All calls could be recorded for reference and we use an AI tool to provide summaries of all meetings. All admin related documents and other files that need to be shared will all live in the dedicated channel. Time tracking is shared within the channel too. This allows for one place to manage all support requests, keep a track of hours and have a history of all requests.

Need a quick answer or troubleshooting for technical issues? Then a support plan is a good fit. Our plans offer:

  • Fast response times: Get help quickly to minimize downtime and maintain productivity.
  • No lengthy processes: Skip the project proposals and get immediate assistance.

When you have a specific project or goal in mind, with defined needs and timeframes, or you need a fix cost proposal for obtaining budget approval on a new project, then our consulting services would be a good fit.

Each support contract will have a dedicated consultant and a customer relations manager dedicated to ensuring satisfaction. All our consultants will have access to the support channel too. This ensures that in the case that the dedicated person is unavailable or on leave, there is team who will be readably available to help. You will have access to a team with a wide range of skills and experience offering support across multiple Microsoft technologies. 

As our whole team of consultants and trainers have access to the dedicated support channel, there is always someone available to respond and ensure that there are no delays. 

We only provide support for Microsoft tools. We are able to help with most office 365 products, however, our specialities are within the following tools:

Power BI: Being one of our core services, we are able to help with anything related to Power BI. This includes creating DAX measures, M language scripts, data modelling, Power BI administration and governance.

Microsoft Fabric: Fabric is bundled with many tools and we are able to provide support for all tools and services related to Microsoft Fabric.

Azure Services: We are able to provide support for Azure Analysis Services, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Synapse. We can help deploy and manage Azure services, and help with Power BI embedded services within Azure.

Microsoft Power Platform: We help build and maintain Power Apps and Power Automate solutions. 

Copilot AI: An intelligent assistant within Power BI that helps with tasks such as report creation, visualization suggestions, and DAX calculation generation. How team can help ensure your team gets the most value from this AI service. 


Yes, we provide a ‘No Strings Attached’ option which allows your team to trial this service without a contract commitment. We also offer a Pay-As-You-Go option which allows you to purchase a bundle of hours to be used within a 6 month period. The benefit of having a contract is the reduced cost. The more hours per month you commit to, the less you pay each month. 

Yes, within our 6 month contracts we will provide a consultant dedicated to work the required hours per month as part of your augmented team. This is a great fit for when you need additional skilled resources for a specific project.

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