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Power BI Time Saving Tips

Data Bear’s Monday Motivation Blog Post

I’m back with quick and easy Power BI tips to make your experience working with Power BI a pleasant experience and hopefully saving you some time.

3 Power BI Tips

Tip 1: Format Painter

In the process of creating reports and visually appealing data visualizations, there are many instances where you will have to create visuals that look similar in design.

This Power BI tips format painter allows you this with just the click of a button. Format painter is not a new function, it has existed all along, also in other Microsoft products like Word and Excel.

How to use Format Painter

Identify the visual that has the desired formatting.  Make sure it is selected.  Then click on Format Painter.  Then go to the visual that needs to look the same, and click it. So the new visual will now have the same look and settings.  Format painter does not only cater for colours and fonts but also Number formatting.

Format painter visuals


Format painter

After Format painter

Tip 2:  Stepped layout

The need for Pivot-like visuals has always been desired, and when users first start using Power BI, it does help to see similar features from the excel they were used to.  With these Power BI tips, I will show you how a matrix visual allows for a similar look to the pivot.

To create this, simply choose the matrix visual.  Add your data.  And change the settings for the visual.

From this:

Matrix view

Stepped layout


Tip 3:  Enable load

Some data models are very complicated and there are many tables in the preparation stage of the report.  Some of these tables do not get used in the front end of the report and can clutter the field view while designing the report.   You can hide them on the front end of the report field view.  But you can also completely disable the table not to be available in the front end.

For this Power BI tip, you’ll need to go into the query editor.  Right-click on the table you wish to hide and untick Enable Load.

Enable load

I hope you found this post helpful.  Please visit our blog page for more helpful posts here.  More helpful tips can also be found on this channel.

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