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Microsoft Power Platform Consulting

Data Bear specialises in providing top-notch Power Platform consulting and training services. Harnessing the power of this robust suite of tools, we empower organisations to transform their operations, streamline processes, and drive innovation. With Microsoft Power Platform certifications, we offer comprehensive support to ensure maximum value of Microsoft Power Platform tools to propel your business forward.

What is Micrsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform is a collection of interconnected tools that enable organisations to create, analyse, and automate business solutions with ease. Comprising Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents, this platform offers a seamless ecosystem for data management, application development, workflow automation, and intelligent chatbots. Designed to be low-code or no-code, Microsoft Power Platform applications empower both technical and non-technical users to build and deploy customised solutions quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft Power Platform

Benefits of Microsoft Power Platform

By embracing Microsoft Power Platform, organisations gain numerous advantages that boost productivity, enhance data-driven decision-making, and foster innovation. Here are some key benefits:


Automated Workflows

Power Automate enables you to automate repetitive tasks and workflows, reducing manual effort and saving valuable time. Seamlessly integrate applications, services, and data sources to create automated processes that span across multiple systems.

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Rapid App Development

With Power Apps, you can build custom applications without the need for extensive coding knowledge. Create tailored solutions to automate processes, streamline workflows, and improve collaboration across departments, increasing operational efficiency.

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Enhanced Collaboration

Microsoft Power Platform fosters collaboration within teams and departments by facilitating seamless data sharing, real-time updates, and unified access to information. Accelerate decision-making and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation.


Intelligent Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents empowers you to build intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants to enhance customer support, engage with users, and automate routine inquiries. Deliver personalised experiences and optimise engagement through conversational interfaces.

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Streamlined Data Analysis

Power BI allows you to transform raw data into interactive visualisations and meaningful insights. Empower your teams with real-time analytics, customisable dashboards, and rich reports, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and uncover hidden patterns.

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Case Studies

Take a look at how organisations across industries have leveraged Microsoft Power Platform to revolutionise their operations:




In the manufacturing sector, a company utilised Power Apps to streamline their inventory management process. By replacing manual spreadsheets with a custom-built app, they achieved real-time visibility into stock levels, improved demand forecasting, and reduced inventory holding costs.


Heatlh Care


A healthcare provider, implemented Power BI to analyse patient data and optimise resource allocation. By visualising key performance indicators and monitoring trends, they enhanced operational efficiency, reduced wait times, and improved patient outcomes.


Finacial Services


A financial services firm, automated their client onboarding process using Power Automate. By integrating various systems and automating manual tasks, they accelerated the onboarding cycle, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced errors.

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