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PowerPoint and Power BI

PowerPoint and Power BI

PowerPoint and Power BI

Today we will be discussing the amazing feature of having Power BI visuals live in your PowerPoint presentations.

This feature is now generally available and I believe it’s a complete game changer.  I have certainly seen some of my report visuals being butchered in a PowerPoint, because the users had no other option than to take a snip and use that.  Those days are officially over, I am super happy to say.

In my experience, the need for using the same visuals in PowerPoint presentation has always been there, and every time the presenter has to prepare, they need to go to the report, snip the visual and paste it in the report.  Yes, export to power BI has always been there, but then it took the entire report page, which is not necessarily what you want, it was also just a picture and not live visuals.

We now have the option to just use a single visual, and have the option to change filters in Power Point itself.  You can also just refresh the visual in Power Point ready for the next Quarters meeting.  This also offers the option of answering questions on the fly, as you can filter your data right on the visual, no need to exit your presentation to go to the Power BI service.

PowerPoint and Power BI made this an easy and effortless option.

This is how you do it.

From the Power BI side

Important note:  If you are looking to have filters available on your visual, you will need to add them on the report page filter if they are not already there.  Also you cannot hide the filter pane in your report, otherwise the filters won’t be visible in your visual.

Once your report is published on the service, you are ready to get the URL you need.

Go to your report, and choose the visual you want.

In the ellipses in the top right corner, choose share, and then Link to selection.

Get link from Power BI visual

Copy link

From the Power Point side

On a Power Point slide, go to Insert, you should have the Power BI option available.  If you don’t go to your add ins to add it.

Insert Power BI

Once you have added Power BI, you will have this screen appearing.

Power BI added in Power Point

This is where you paste the URL you copied in Power BI,

See the magic of Power Point and Power BI

Now your visual is in Power Point.

Interaction between PowerPoint and Power BI

PowerPoint and Power BI

You can now do the following:

  • Resize visual
  • Set filters
  • Hide filter pane
  • Refresh report
  • Hide bottom ribbon.
  • Access the original report by using the link in the bottom left-hand corner.
  • This allows the presenter to interact with the visual, or simply have the option to refresh the data should you re-use a presentation in the next month.

PowerPoint and Power BI have made a great jump here in pushing report users to adopt Power BI as the go-to reporting tool.  See the microsoft information on this topic here.

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