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Data Bear Power BI PartnerWe’re a Power BI centric company, and a Microsoft Power BI Gold Partner, with a vertical focus on empowering organisations with Power BI Training and BI solutions that produce results. Having helped numerous organisations overcome the obstacles to enhanced data efficiency and empowering them with the skills to adopt a ‘data culture’, the Data Bear team has many years of ‘real life’ experience in the “Power BI – trenches”.

We don’t just show you what all the various buttons and knobs do. You can learn that from the documentation. Drawing on a wealth of experience, based on developing and deploying numerous best practice solutions globally, we teach you how to build a robust solution from the ground up, ensuring that, going forward, your team has the best practice foundation to continue the process of getting the right data into the right hands.

The Data Bear team is dedicated to helping business become more profitable through the provision of timely and accurate insights. Providing solutions that save time, increase profits and reduce stress our driving force.

Johann is brilliant. The Data Bear solutions are just fantastic. The quantifiable improvement to any business using their Power BI Dashboards are worth 100 times more than the investment. Great stuff.
Purple Thread Marketing
Purple Thread Marketing
23:14 23 Mar 17
We have been working with Johann and Dmitri for almost a year now. From concept to design and implementation, they have been nothing but professional and timely. They leveraged Azure and Power BI to sort and report our point of sales data. We have no reservation when it comes to recommending Data Bear and look forward to our continued partnership.
James Mack
James Mack
22:48 18 May 17
The DataBear team has been great to work with! They take the time to understand the problem and then put together a real-time solution. It's also great when they responds so quickly! We will continue to work with them!
Laura Sailor
Laura Sailor
01:13 05 Apr 17
Fantastic experience. Very customer oriented - in helping us think through our needs, suggesting solutions and then delivering on a great solution. Great guys to work with!
Guru Sankar
Guru Sankar
07:11 08 Apr 17
Extremely professional and easy to work with. Highly knowledgeable on all aspects of Microsoft Power BI issues and solutions. Would strongly recommend.
Ellen Howard
Ellen Howard
22:27 04 Apr 17
Johann and the team are a great resource if you are looking to implement Power BI. He has worked closely with the team here at Appdopt and they provide powerful insights!
Prameet Dhaliwal
Prameet Dhaliwal
07:00 13 Oct 17
Incredible trainers. Very knowledgeable. Took me from zero to very decent level in no time. I'd highly recommend using them for your data modelling and training needs.
Thierry Thielens
Thierry Thielens
09:45 16 Feb 18


2 Day Power BI Training London:
Build an End-to-End Solution

Monthly scheduled public BI training classes available in London and Manchester. Power BI Training UK wide on request.

In this popular 2 day workshop, our Training course follows a hands-on end to end process of importing ‘dirty’ data into Power BI Desktop and transforming it into a stunning interactive dashboard shared in the cloud. All exercises, have a relevant context, covering ‘real-life’ scenarios that require building advanced KPIs to answers specific business questions. Learn the tricks of the trade from a team who has many complex business intelligence solutions under their belts.

Here is an example of the solution you will learn how to build from scratch during this 2-day Training course:  <-

2 Day BI Training Course Outline

Day 1
Day 2

Outside of London or Manchester? This Power BI Training course is also available throughout the UK on request. Please use the form at the bottom of the page to request your preferred location


3 Day Power BI Training London:
Financial Reporting in Power BI

Microsoft BI training workshops available in London and Manchester. Power BI Training UK wide on request.

In this 3 day workshop, our structured Power BI Training course ensures that you have a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts required for building robust Power BI solutions. All exercises build on each other towards a logical end process. After learning to master the basics, Day 3 has a vertical focus on structuring and designing compelling reports for financial analysis in Power BI. Here you will learn the advanced data modeling concepts around grouping, mapping and creating custom Profit and Loss reporting layouts within Power BI.

3 Day BI Training Course Outline – Day 1 & 2 follow the same outline in the above 2 Day course.

Day 3

Outside of London? This 3 Day BI course is available throughout the UK on request. Please use the form at the bottom of the page to request your preferred location


1 Day Power BI Training Manchester:
Dashboard in a Day (DIAD)

This introductory BI course is currently scheduled in both London and Manchester, and available on request throughout the UK.

Be wowed by the art of the possible. This course is designed for introducing new adopters to Power BI. Without overwhelming you technically, we’ll teach you how easy it is to derive value from the Power BI cloud service. If you’re a consumer of Power BI reports and dashboards, rather than an analyst who builds them, then this course is designed for you.

Without the need of any prior data analysis or reporting building training, this introductory course explores the many rich value adding wow features. If you’re new to Power BI and require an overview of the basics through instructor guided hands-on learning, and a solid foundation on report building best practices, then this 1 day BI training course is for you.

The wow features

  • Overview of the Cloud Service
  • Importing a Report into the Cloud Service
  • Building a Dashboard
  • Dashboard Flow and Navigation
  • Power BI for Mobile
  • Q&A (Natural Language Queries)
  • Quick Insights
  • Sharing Dashboards
  • Organisational Content Packs
  • Content Packs
  • Demo Samples
  • Publish to web (embedded)
  • Export to PowerPoint
  • Overview of Power BI Desktop
  • Data modelling and Report Building Best Practices

Outside London or the UK? This BI Training course is also available throughout South Africa.


Power Bi mobile devices

Power BI Training: BYO DATA

This 2 day workshop has received the most positive feedback because, when using your own data to learn how to build insightful reports, it not only adds value to your organisation, all the training exercises have a relevant context that is familiar to your everyday experience. In this Hands-On training workshop, we follow the same end-to-end training agenda outlined in our 2 day session detailed above. The difference being, we use your own data to build reports that add value to your organisational goals.

Note: This training requires scoping session beforehand, and we will provide you with a Requirements Analysis template. Not only do we need to understanding you your data, we also need to understanding the type of reports you would like to produce from your data.

Based on the outcomes of the scoping session, we will tailor custom learning content and the training will focus on the skills needed to transform your data into a compelling data story that answers specific business questions based on your requirements.

Please refer to the our 2 day BI training agenda above for specific details on the content covered.

Outside of London or Manchester? This training course is also available throughout the UK and South Africa on request.


Power BI Training BYO DATA

Remote and on-site Training:
Supercharge Your Analyst

Do you data analysts have the required skills to build robust automated business intelligence solutions? This popular deep dive training course focuses on empowering your company’s analysts with the modern analytics skills required to develop and maintain the various BI solutions your companies needs. Using an agile approach, we meet your analysts where they at and work alongside them on mastering the various scenarios towards compelling data storytelling. This training course rapidly increases the Cycle Time to Information (CTI) and the Cycle Time to Action (CTA).  These metrics are useful to track the efficiency of a Business Analytics infrastructure and the elimination of manual processes to increase productivity.

During the training course, based on your Business Intelligence needs, your analyst will develop a robust BI solution that will serve as part of the shift towards building a data culture within your organisation. Our experienced Power BI Consulting team will work closely alongside you analysts ensuring that best practices are learnt and understood.

Outside of London? This Power BI Training course is also available throughout the UK, South Africa on request.


Remote Power BI Training

Do have staff in various locations needing training? Would you prefer the flexibility of remote training?

All training courses can also be delivered remotely. Please inquire for more details.


Onsite Training London:
2 Days Hands-On Training Workshop

Supercharge Your Analyst


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