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Power BI Solution Showcase

Here are some of the ‘critical business areas’ solutions we have built for our clients

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financial analysis

The Data Bear Power BI Financial Analysis solution has been optimized for analyzing financial performance from a variety of angles whilst choosing to compare metrics to either prior or budget data. The solution provides the flexibility to select specific ‘To-Date’ periods from a selected point in time.

Spot trends, identify outliers and analyze profitability whilst drilling down into the underlying details. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with our Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports. Monitor your income, track your expenses and know your data’s story.

sales analysis

Our Sales Analysis Solution Demonstration contains various generic reporting examples which have been popular client choices. View the metrics as Vs Prior or Vs Target, select your time periods and use the various drill downs to answer specific business questions. Know which products, stores or customers or salespersons are doing most of your business, and which are not very profitable. Spot trends over time, locations or products and be empowered to make data driven decisions.

purchase analysis

Our Purchase Analysis Solution ensures your business purchases are being managed with optimal efficiency and that you have a crystal clear view of the impact they are having on your business. Reduce stress and save time by easily analysing purchases across various dimensions and time periods.

receivables analysis

Is your cash flow suffering from money trapped in your business in the form of unpaid invoices? Our Power BI Receivables Analysis Solution offers a crystal-clear interactive view of expected cash flow, overdue payments and customers who are not good credit risk.

payables analysis

In business, cash flow is king. Our Payables Analysis Solution provides rapid insight into your accounts payable. Other than offering a historic visualization of payments by groups, vendors and currency, our solution indicates the overdue amounts by aging groups, vendors and currencies. Manage your cash flow better by staying in the know with your Accounts Payable.

inventory analysis

Do you have clarity on how much money is trapped in your business in the form of stock? This robust interactive Inventory Analysis Solution provides clarity on stock quantity, movement and cost. Gain rapid insights into inventory turnover, outstanding orders and purchases, allowing you to ensure optimal efficiency and stock levels. Our inventory aging report provides clarity on your aging stock balance and the resulting cost over overtime.

human resource analysis

This Power BI Human Resource Solution focuses on finding patterns and trends in employee sick leave and professional development of skills. It answers questions like, “What skills are lacking within a department?”, and “How have the current skills improved over time?”

human resource analysis

With Power BI Desktop, you can create What if variables for your reports, interact with the variable as a slicer, and thereby visualize and quantify different key values in your reports. By using the slicers provided you can change variables in your data, thus allowing you to see how these changes impact other key metrics.

The variables which you can change, as a percentage, are the sales price and a change in the cost price of a product. These changes are reflected in the ‘Sales (Adj.)’ and ‘COGS (Adj.)’ cards represented on the report page. Ultimately, you can visualize how these changes will affect your Gross Profit and the Gross Profit percentage of sales.

human resource analysis

Do you need greater flexibility when determining when to re-order stock?

Our Inventory Order Tool evaluates your historic sales data over a user defined period and then, based on the past sales rate, and knowledge of current stock levels, it determines the inventory turnover rate for each item. Additionally, any pending Sales Orders can be factored into the equation.

human resource analysis

Are you needing quick flexibility when calculating monthly repayments on a potential property mortgage? Pulling data from publicly available UK house price datasets, and allowing you to adjust variables, our Property Mortgage Calculator illustrates the Power of using ‘What-If Analysis’ in Power BI.

Power BI Embedded Solution Demonstration

Power BI Embedded is an Azure-hosted service which allows users to embed the reports into external applications. The most important advantage of Power BI Embedded is that users doesn’t need to have a Power BI service accounts and licenses to access Power BI reports via your custom application. In this manner, if you already have an existing app or web portal, your users don’t need to navigate elsewhere to access reports.

To ensure the users will have access to the most updated information the Power BI model type must be “direct query” and the data source must be cloud-based (AzureSQL) at this time . When using “Direct Query”, no data is imported or copied into the data model.  As you interact with a visualization, Power BI Embedded queries the underlying data source, which means you’re always viewing current data.

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