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Data Bear is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Power BI Partner with a vertical focus on delivering robust modern analytics solutions and Microsoft PowerBI training and consulting that produces results. Using the latest BI technologies and best practices, we transform rows of data into a compelling interactive visual story using Microsoft Power BI. The strong management of your company depends on your ability to access the information you need when you need it. For that information to be effective, it must be in a format that allows you to quickly digest and empowers you to act fast through data driven decisions. Our stunning Power BI dashboards and reports do exactly that.

“Providing solutions that save time, increase profits and reduces stress is our driving force.”

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Power BI Consulting From Data Bear

Through Power BI consulting services, Data Bear draws raw data directly from your existing data sources, accounting or ERP systems and formats it into rich interactive visualisations that tell a compelling data story. No matter where your data is stored, our robust Power BI dashboards and reports allow you to see the information you want, when you want, in real-time, allowing the user to leverage off the great self-service options in Power BI.

Power BI is known for being a world leading business intelligence tool , developed by Microsoft, which presents data in an interactive and meaningful way. End users can ask questions and see compelling insights through dashboard tiles, interactive graphs, AI visualisations or custom BI reports and dashboards. Microsoft Excel has been the world’s most commonly used BI tool for the past decade, bringing deeper insights and powerful functionality to the table, however, Power BI significantly revolutionises the reporting experience offered through Excel. Other than enhanced analytics, Power BI Desktop significantly reduces the time spent on manual processes required for data modelling, creating KPIs and building and distributing interactive BI reports and dashboards.

Easily explore your Salesforce, Xero, Quick Books Online and Sage data in the Power BI Service. No matter where your data is stored, we will work with you to get the results you need. Data Bear’s passion is to provide best practice Power BI Solutions and Power BI training that empowers businesses to become more ‘Data Savvy‘. We provide a full range of business intelligence services and ongoing business support contracts dedicated to ensuring enhanced data efficiency.

Why Power BI?

Power BI just works. It’s simple, intuitive and has what you want where you want it. It’s robust and powerful enough to process any data you throw at it. Our self service Power BI analytics solutions makes you IT savvy, and IT savvy companies, according to the book IT Savvy from Harvard Business Press, have 20% higher margins when compared to the industry average.

In today’s modern world, with the addition of new technologies, growing businesses and industries, data, and how it is managed, has become essential. A number of companies have realised the importance of staying in the know, i.e. the value of being a data savvy organisation. Using the Power BI service for Data Visualization in effective ways helps businesses to consider making decisions and seeing events in a new light. Power BI dashboards and reports  help bridge the gap between IT, analysts and business decision makers. Unlocking insights, reduced cycle time to information, enhanced data efficiency and secure distribution are some of the key value offerings. We are proud to have helped many organisations migrate from static reports in Excel, requiring timely manual processes, to robust interactive Power BI analytics. If you think Power BI is something that your business should be taking advantage of, simply call the team at Data Bear today and let us help you understand the various options available that might best suit your needs.

Our Power BI training courses cover methodologies and best practices which empowers both analyst and end users to develop and maintain their own data models, Power BI reports and dashboards. There are many different BI platforms available, at Data Bear we have a vertical focus on Microsoft Power BI. When it comes to business intelligence, we can help you to convert your data into meaningful visualizations and provide answers to specific business questions. Visit our blog for information around using Power BI in your organisation.

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Our experienced team of BI consultants takes great joy in ensuring that the simple, yet smart, BI solutions we develop are more than pretty charts and graphs slapped onto a canvas. We start with the end in mind and ensure all reports answer specific business questions that empower you to make smart business decisions. Our passion is to reduce time, increase efficiency and provide clear insights for your organisation.

Our tailor-made Power BI solutions easily allow you to visually explore your data and ask specific business questions that drive business change.

We have been privileged to help many organisations increase business growth and transformation through the effective use of Power BI visuals. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics as well as a Power BI Partner and our professional team has frequent training from the Microsoft Power BI team to ensure that we are always up to speed with best practices and the latest in Power BI functionality. With over a decade of experience in Microsoft Business Intelligence our team is dedicated to ensuring that our Power BI solutions have practical business applications that produce results.

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